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Good Morning SCV is a fast-paced breakfast that provides members of the Chamber an opportunity to network each month with 120-150 other Chamber members. The breakfast provides the attendees with up-to-date information about Chamber events and activities. The breakfast also allows each member the opportunity to present a thirty-second commercial on their respective business. Several sponsorship opportunities are available for additional exposure for member companies. GMSCV is held the second Wednesday of each month from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at the Embassy Suites Valencia. Please bring 150 business cards to hand out

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(September 29, 2014) The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) is conducting free workshops across the state to explain how businesses apply for the California Competes Tax Credit.
(September 26, 2014) “I care about where I live, the community,” says 2014 Small Business Advocate Award recipient Mike Lynch.
Representatives from the CalChamber and a coalition of businesses are in San Diego today voicing their concerns to the Cal/OSHA Standards Board on proposed regulatory changes to California’s unique heat illness prevention regulations.
(September 24, 2014) The California Chamber of Commerce is supporting Proposition 1 and Proposition 2 on the November general election ballot.
(September 23, 2014) A California Chamber of Commerce-supported bill that will generate interest and enrollment in computer science education, an important growing sector of today’s economy, has been signed by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.
California’s economy continues to grow at a slightly faster pace than the rest of the nation but appears to have moderated slightly during the first half of this year, according to the latest report by the CalChamber Economic Advisory Council.
(September 19, 2014) A CalChamber-opposed “job killer” bill that unfairly prohibits arbitration agreements and settlement agreements and will force more civil disputes into the already-overcrowded judicial system, is on the Governor’s desk.
(September 18, 2014) Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. has signed two California Chamber of Commerce-supported job creator bills.
(September 17, 2014) Whether criminals steal information on a business network, transfer money from company bank accounts or send out official emails from a company’s servers, California Chamber of Commerce members will want to learn about the risks.
With less than two weeks before the operating authority of the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im) expires on Sept 30, the CalChamber and businesses across the nation are urging Congress to support legislation to reauthorize the bank.
The statue at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame Plaza was snatched Sunday. Police need tips.
After canceling the $1billion iPad program, John Deasy has come under increasing scrutiny from the teachers' union and board members.
Big Draw L.A. will fill the region with events to bring artists and wannabe artists together. NoHo's will honor Amelia Earhart.
Paul Preston writes for TheMovieGuys.net: "Seems Gene Hackman is staying retired. Shame. 'Cause I miss him." BLOG
While the city is full of creative people, our building designs -- which were required to feature helipads -- were less so, says the mayor.
How many of these places offering deals today can you hit up?
"[W]hen the dog is injured it is akin to having one’s own body compromised.” Now, owners of attacked guide dogs are eligible for assistance.
The Y Awards $20,000 to turn bright ideas into community service projects nationwide.
Los Angeles took in more than it expected and spent less than budgeted.
The crash happened Sunday night. Were you a witness?
Carlos Duarte will also undergo psychological counseling, and he will be prohibited from owning any dogs or cats for 10 years.
They allow allow international travelers to submit biographical information and customs declarations electronically.
Ray Schillaci reviews BOYHOOD for TheMovieGuys.net: "Late to the game, but that won't stop me from singing the praises of 2014's best film."
The Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness plate will fund the “Every Woman Counts” program.
The wage hike would affect an estimated 13,000 hotel workers, according to one economist commissioned by the city.
Police are in the area a couple of blocks away.
Each year, the American Library Association dedicates a week to sponsor events throughout the country to shine a light on censorship.
Tyler Scott and Naomi Charles scaled a wall at the singer's house and made off with her Maserati.
L.A. considered a “hub” for human-trafficking, part of a growing criminal industry. The billboards will be peppered throughout the county.
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